Surreal Humor,  Very Short Stories

The Peculiar Robbery of Lena

Featured Photo – Pixabay

The stairs to Lena’s apartment loomed above like an insurmountable mountain she didn’t have the stamina to ascend. Lena encouraged her feet to move forward anyway, drained from a long day at the office. After some force, she made it to the third floor. Key to her domain in hand, she mustered up sufficient strength to pierce the keyhole, twist, enter, and flip the light switch. Her vision adjusts where she’s shoved into a cruel truth; she gasps, reeling, eyes drift in bewilderment. 

I got robbed?! 

Thoughts of fear and confusion fester. 

Why me? What did they take? 

She glances at her phone to call the authorities but stops; her eyes scan the surroundings. Dishes filled the sink, papers scattered the kitchen counter, one dining room chair lay upside down on the floor, and clean laundry overflowed from its basket, an alternative drawer. She recalled the mad rush to the office earlier after failing to set her alarm, knocking the chair over on her way out. Unless she aimed to turn herself in for laziness, there was no robbery to report. 

Lena chuckled at her bold leap of suspicion and started cleaning.

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