Drama,  Very Short Stories

What the Mirror Saw

Featured Image – Pixabay

He looks at the mirror and doesn’t recognize the face   

crumbled bits sprinkle from above, he follows them leading to a screen    

he devours both, consumed

when the bits run out, he leaves     

walking a winding trail within darkness, he finds the light, and same mirror    


He gazes into the mirror; remembering the face smiling back   

sweeter bits fall, he hesitates, following to screen    

he eats slower, questioned choices

before the bits run out, he leaves     

walking a long trail within darkness, he considers the light    


He flashes past the mirror   

more sweet bits fall, ignored  

he wades through the bits   

he departs    

he runs the trail through darkness and feels the light… 

Fiction writer. 🌱 Nature lover. Heavy Thinker.

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