It’s Midnight

I couldn’t sleep and realized I didn’t have a blog on here, so here we are. 🙂

I’ll share a nice moment I had with my dog, Penny, this evening.  

I was in my bedroom going down a Quora rabbit hole when she started barking at the front door, and was getting louder by the second, although I never heard anyone ring the bell or knock. So, I went down to see what was happening. No one was there. All I had to do was lock it. Maybe that’s what she was barking about. Great job! I ended up giving her a milk bone, reminded her she’s a good girl, did the pat on head deal. She ran off with it.

Kinda felt like Mister Rogers writing that. I loved Mister Rogers back in the day. And now for some reason I can’t get Milk Bone out of my head, it’s such a smooth sounding name. Ugh, milk is so gross though.  

Looks like this is going to be the blog. I’m not a fan of talking about myself, as you may have seen in Character Roundtable: Antagonists Edition. It’s easier to write myself into a story, for now, I’m sure that’ll change.

I sound so dull! I’m not normally, well, not on the Always Interrupted Podcast I co-host! Listen today (I laugh through most of it).

Here’s an awesome quote I found during some character research:

Sexual drive is the strongest driving force in this universe. Why live at all, if we cannot experience the unity of life?

Dan Moon, Quora 

This got me thinking of my character Winter Velia, whose story just keeps expanding and I have so much fun writing. Keep a lookout for part three in my Aeterna experiment I hope to one day expand into a full blown for real book. We’ll see. Which reminds me, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read my weird tales and your support on Ko-Fi. Every day I feel like I have little people with a story to share aching to pop out of my head and jump on my keyboard. I don’t feel well until I get them out of me, stay tuned for more!

If you’re interested in reading more, I answer questions sometimes on Quora. It helps with inspiration. Here’s one of my favorites:

Q: If you saw somebody rise from the dead, what would be the scariest thing they could say?

My Answer: The scariest thing someone who rose from the dead could say is, “There’s nothing on the other side, that’s why I came back…”

This would make me rethink everything in the world. I’d probably take more risks. I think this information would put lots of people apprehensive about death at ease, or not. People could get quite bold if they knew there was no judgment that awaited them after death.

Let’s assume this returned dead is non violent (not a zombie). We could find out how this person came to be alive again and replicate it so humans can live forever. Plus, we would avoid ‘nothing’ on the other side. But then there’s overpopulation… Perhaps we’d be able to explore nothing and make it something?


Not With My Daughter – Part Two

Even with a cop on patrol, the thought of someone taking his daughter didn’t sit well.

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Frank knew those boys well enough to know none of them would send this text to his sixteen-year-old baby girl.

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“Hello. My name is Krista Cream…”

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Hi Falen, we met at the company Halloween party last weekend. I was the wolf. I was wondering if you’d like to get together sometime?


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