It’s Saturday

I want a mask like this snapchat filter minus the ears, wasn’t something like this in the Purge movies? Who knew we’d all be wearing these every day? And yes, I have one of these typical snapchat photos as well (you do too! maybe). I’m just gonna start sharing random photos each blog post. And I just realized I’m typing this all in the ‘caption’ section. I feel like the people who write an entire email in the subject line.

It’s Saturday! Heyoo! And it’s 110 degrees so I’ve just been thinking of snow, and remembering how cold it was when I used to live in it (I miss my boots in the featured image), because it’s very hot here… But then I’ll get into the cold and miss the hot weather, we’re never satisfied. 🙂

I’m having a great day. Just wrapped up a podcast recording that will go live next Thursday (listen to Episode 12 if you haven’t already!) and I’m almost done with my next story about a father,a nanny, and a child abduction. I have to edit it first and we all know how fun that is. (Kirsten jumps off a cliff).

Anyway, I thought I’d share my thoughts because after five years of working from home, plus the plague, sometimes I feel super disconnected with other people and I’ve always been shy, so sharing my thoughts helps. Thanks for reading and slowly helping me get out of this anxiety goo (think of that mood slime in Ghostbusters) I’ve been trying not to suffocate in. Because it blows… like a big balloon. I had a cyber stalker last year that literally made me shut myself out from the world. I deleted my entire (previous) blog I had so many poems and stories written on, got rid of my Medium account, it was bad. Then a few months later after moving across the country in a new home (for the second time, not because of the stalker, if that’s what anyone was thinking) and regrets of letting that person get to me, I made Ghost Human Bones and started putting myself out there, just think of me as Jennifer Lopez in Enough when she took those Krav Maga lessons to get ready for the showdown with her husband. That was me. Just instead of self defense I just turned my computer on again and went to Planet Fitness. So, one step at a time, I’m getting there. F that stalker. Thank you for everyone’s support!

For your entertainment, here’s a ‘This Happened to Me’ situation I posted about on Quora. I have a lot of these in life. Enjoy.

Question: What’s the creepiest thing someone has ever done to you?

My Answer: When I was a teenager, I was home alone while my parents were out visiting my grandmother. It was in the middle of the afternoon when I hear the doorbell ring. My family never answered the door unless they were expecting something and with me being alone at home, I just ignored it.

The bell rang again, and again, then a knock. I’m standing my ground, not answering.

Then the sound stopped. After a few seconds of silence, I thought the person left. I look outside my bedroom window where I had a perfect view of the driveway and found a black van parked there. My fear escalated.

Am I about to be taken? I thought.

As I venture downstairs, I see on our patio a man sitting on our bench, eerily quiet and still as stone. Our blinds were wide open too, so at any point, if he turned around from his seated position, he could peer into the front area of our house. I told myself whatever his plans were, it wouldn’t include me. I armed myself with the biggest, sharpest knife I could find and prepared myself with practice stabs against an invisible opponent. While trying to channel my inner warrior, I realized I should call my parents.

When I did, they were quick to dismiss me, perplexed by what I was saying. “There’s a stranger sitting on our porch that won’t go away!” What’s so confusing about that statement?

After some reluctance, they said they would be home soon. ‘Soon’ became an hour later, and this is after the mystery guy had sat on our porch for a good 45 minutes! He left before my parents came home, but to this day we never found out who it was or why he was there…

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