It’s Anxiety

I was having a bit of a panic attack earlier. So I sat in my backyard alone eating a taco for lunch from yesterday’s Jack in the Box. Not the best thing for me, but it did the trick. Maybe I was just hungry.

And a bird was watching me eat my taco from its tree. See?

Maybe this bird sent love, and hugs. Until I went on Twitter and started looking too deep into things, like why the NSA is my suggested friend and why they need to let me know that Edward Snowden follows.


I just had to come outside and get air, sunlight. It’s crazy how we can go from highs to lows, well I can’t speak for everyone else, but that’s how I get. I recorded a podcast earlier, felt great then boom! Then it just seems like when you do go through those emotions, it’s like you’re the only person in the world going through it. Maybe the bird was going through it too and we were just looking at each other, trying to make each other feel better. But if it happens to you, I know what you’re going through and you’ll be okay! It takes time, sunlight, and maybe hugging your kids (or pets, or partner or friends) 1,000 times like I did to just drink up their happiness, not all of it they need theirs too. It’s like sharing a milkshake together or something. 🙂

I hope everyone’s okay, too. Just keep thinking about the awesome writing community I’ll make one day that you’re all invited to. It’s on my bucket list now, then we can sip milkshakes together.

Then I’ll sing that one song. My milkshake brings all the… writers… to the… community.

I don’t sing.

But I smile! I hope you smile today too.

Fiction writer. 🌱 Nature lover. Heavy Thinker.


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