It’s Tuesday Again

Featured Photo taken by me somewhere in South Carolina when we were returning home to North Carolina from Florida after evacuating Hurricane Florence in 2018. I’ve had many adventures.

I had a lot of firsts this weekend and yesterday. Busy busy busy.

Once upon a time I was being a wild little girl and jumped into a pool thinking it wasn’t that deep (trying to impress someone), and it was. It was eleven feet deep! If it weren’t for the incredibly handsome, tanned, raven-haired lifeguard with the silver aviators and muscles who saved me, I wouldn’t have been around to enjoy this past weekend. And no, I didn’t have a Squints moment of my own, as much as I wanted… So, what I was getting to is, I jumped off a diving board for the first time and it was awesome! And no one had to save me or anything, just if anyone was wondering.

Next, I got to meet some friends’ pet ferrets for the first time and held them like a newborn baby. They’re super cute, like furry snakes (stole that from my husband). Then I found out I was allergic to them just as I thought about possibly getting one so that idea was tossed, otherwise I’d turn into a huge throbbing hive. Haha.

Back at home I listened to a full episode of Always Interrupted for the first time (Episode 13). I never listened to any of the podcasts before because hearing my own voice made me cringe, and I ended up laughing throughout the whole thing. But… I laugh at everything so I may not be the most appropriate judge. It was a breath of fresh air compared to our first episode where I sounded like a mega you know what. Whenever I’m in a mood, guaranteed it’ll come through my tone, vibe, and facial expressions… Ah, the strange and many wonders of being a human. Wait until we start putting our podcast on video… (I’m going to invest in more hats I can hide under, or masks, those are my favorite, and I’m not talking about plague masks)

Me and ten (yes, ten) other family members went to the Diamondbacks / Cubs game Sunday and had a blast. It was like everyone there hadn’t been out in forever, including me. As much as I enjoy solitude whenever I can it was very nice to be around other humans. Especially happy humans.

Oh, and I finally realized my hair is a natural disguise. It’s naturally curly (type 3b, hair nerd here) and I sometimes straighten it depending on the occasion but no one can recognize me when it’s curly. I love it. Like Sunday, I saw someone from the past at the game—looked right at me and had no idea it was me. Muhaha. (Whew)

As for updates, I’m working on part three of the Winter Velia/Aeterna series, and one story involving my favorite, karma. The editing part is the worst. One day I will have my own private editor. 😉

Speaking of which, while I continue to root for the Suns, here’s a memory of when karma came for me – posted on Quora:

Question: What was the most satisfying dose of karma you’ve ever seen?

My Answer: When I was in first grade, my teacher raised a question I was dying to answer. With my hand raised high, waving even to catch her attention she didn’t call on me, instead she called on a girl Jasmine, who sat near me to answer the question. I got mad to the point where I actually went to swat at her with an open hand (the one that was just raised). Instead my hand came down on a pencil that was sticking out of her backpack and landed on it. The pencil stabbed into my palm with a little piece of lead embedded within. I sat there, raising my bloodied hand for help. That was instant karma for me and I’m glad it happened because I definitely shouldn’t have tried to strike her just because she was called on and not me.

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