It’s Almost Halloween

This was in 2010 (hence the reason why the photo looks so old and my eyes look black, or maybe that’s how they always are, oOOooOo…!) when I dressed as Lady Gaga, one of my favorites. I had just gotten back from a two week business trip in Virginia and almost lost my mind from boredom but I got home just in time for Halloween. I went to a party that night and swallowed way too many purple Jello shots that tasted like grape candy to me… When I tried to make Jello shots all you could taste was the vodka! Bleh!

I want it to be Halloween again, every day. It’s my favorite holiday. There’s people like this that come to our door (last year):

Halloween 2020. He really pressed that button hard…

I love skeletons, ghosts, masks, spooky stuff but I stop at Leatherface because he scares me the most. Can’t go to Texas without wondering what if…

Ahh, now what should I be this year… I’ll have to think about it. I’d love to be the succubus I wrote about. But I’d be arrested…

In other news, I learned how to ride a skeleton horse in Minecraft while my daughter built us a house made of purple concrete. Luckily we rode our horses so far out we got to watch a sunset and look at the stars without the threat of zombies or whichever bad guys roam the lands of Minecraft at night. It was nice.

Sigh. I just want to stop rectangling. I’m ready for a vacation, somewhere on the beach where there’s no plague, no politics, no Arby’s commercials… I want long moments in the sand, the water sweeping over me, bright blue sky into the sunset and through the night. Steamy memories… Just travelling along here and there. I’ve met so many great people from all over the world and I’ve been all around the United States but have never left the country (yet). I say yet because I know it will happen… I’m just impatient and we can’t find a sitter for that long – can’t have kids travelling with what I want to do… Don’t worry we’d do a fun kids vacation too!

Thank you so much for everyone’s support listening to the podcast and reading my crazy stories! There’s more to come! I hope everyone is doing okay! Take your vitamins, and get sunlight and exercise.

Or you can try one of my Jello shots and you’ll forget about everything. 🙂

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