It’s Sunday

So today, Alli (my little one) wanted to give me a kiss, so I leaned down and our eyes met. Then, I felt like the universe took a picture of her in that moment, then I imagined that image being uploaded to my soul and my heart felt so full, like our vibes were just super connected. Maybe that’s how memories are made? Like the really good ones that you know you’ll never forget. What if these hypothetical snapshots of life were kept for you so in the next life you would have clues on how to get back to ones (animals too) that you loved in your last life? Isn’t that wild to think?

Well, since it’s the first of the month and I’m in a very calm mood on this very nice Sunday where a slightly messy kitchen is calling my name to clean up that I’m avoiding… I know that’s a run on but it’s just how I feel and this is the blog so I don’t put much editing in, because I’m being unedited now in expressing emotions so why edit the words? I wanted to share a question my family has asked about Ghost Human Bones.

Question: Why is your face blank? (right photo – all about looks on my side of the family haha)

Answer: Other than not enjoying taking photos (unless for good reason, about me section, etc), and a slight attempt at trying to be scary weird, I wanted my face to be blank because I feel like I don’t know myself as much as I may think I do (not sure if I ever will in a waking life haha), and I try to explore myself through imagination mixed with sometimes highly exaggerated past/current events I’ve experienced (or real life events that I felt connected to). When I found the sketch for my current icon (left photo) I use, it really resonated with me and colored/edited it accordingly. And if you’re wondering about the hair, the black starry parts is space, the blue is water, the green is leaves/nature, the red is blood. The abundance of purple is love, and the yellow is happiness (you can throw the butterflies and flowers into that category too). If someone were to ask me to interpret the universe, I’d refer to this image and say well, this is how I see myself in it. We’re all a part of one thing and that one thing flows through us… I could go further in explaining but this post would be much, much longer. I don’t know. Just thoughts I had.

Anyway… I hope everyone has a great start to this month with good vibes and/or memories. 🙂 If anyone has questions for your future Lady of the Writing Community please comment, or you can contact me from the contact page if you’re shy and that’s okay because I am too but I’m happy to answer either way.

Now to go play Mario Kart and brave the 200 CC on Toad’s Turnpike with Alli. I’ll do the kitchen later!

Fiction writer. 🌱 Nature lover. Heavy Thinker.

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