It’s Wednesday

Wading through liquid gold

dive in, blind warm happiness.

Smooth cream, smeared lips

savory soft seduction.

Squishy thick bites

slurped strange shapes 

wiggle down, down, down…

I wrote that, thinking about macaroni and cheese. It’s my favorite. Not the blue box blues, but homemade macaroni and cheese. I got this Patti LaBelle recipe I’ve made (with a few tweaks) every Thanksgiving… Mmm.

Anyway, I like to think about things that make me smile, hence the impromptu macaroni poem above, and thoughts about it in my mouth. It’s just one of those days. No worries, nothing terrible happened, but strange days make me pause, and allow me to reflect. Speaking of which, here’s two of the most recent absurdities to come my way.

First, I get a call from a ‘verified’ out-of-state number so I let that crap go to voicemail. When I listened, it was the FBI calling because they had a firearm seized as evidence in a case (that belonged to the guy who used to have my phone number) and wanted to return it.

Second, I was going through my amazon reviews looking for a product I wanted to buy again, and noticed a review I left about my son’s shoes was hidden by a sensitivity filter. Here it is:



So… The FBI will make a courtesy call to let you know your firearm involved in a case is available for pickup. Maybe my love of crime dramas has clouded my judgment, but I imagined the FBI going to his door in Law & Order Criminal Intent mode to inquire about the weapon. Not a wimpy phone call. 🙂

But this artificial intelligence gets offended over my preference for brown gum soles over white soles?

C’mon, man. </biden>

Lol. This is why I write. I love these absurd moments.

Now that I’ve broken the ice, your lady of the writing community wanted to talk about Aeterna. I’m working on part six of the Winter Velia series but had a revelation on the direction I wanted to take the story as a whole, so six will be the last of this current series for this blog while I draft the full story offline. You can blame Ethan Dust for that. After Government Stew, I wanted to take him further. Plus, I haven’t even gotten to the soon-to-be King Resolut. And, it gets darker and steamier, so I’m going to put all of that into a juicy book. Never fear, many of my stories are set in the Aeterna universe and there are other ideas I had in regard to stories unrelated to the events at the crown, but you’ll still be in the loop with characters like Winter, Paige, Mr. Velia, and Ethan.

Thank you everyone for visiting and reading! I joined some of the world and got on Facebook even though they’ve flagged my page like three times. I think my blank face photo was setting off some alarms, so I put a picture of my actual face on my personal page they made me make and won’t use (just to make an author page) then added a ‘Get Vaccinated’ tag in blue and white, to go along with my red shirt (red, white and blue). Haha. Just my way of letting them know I’m not some distributor of misinformation in Russia, since that’s one of the many common go-to attacks. From now on I’ll be posting most of my fun updates on TikTok.

Don’t worry, you won’t catch me dancing on there like some Fortnite emote or miming everything.

Stay tuned!

Fiction writer. 🌱 Nature lover. Heavy Thinker.

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