Dear Reader,

I’m no one you know. You may not even see me observing you. I’m the woman you pass by with the raven hair and prominent collarbone. I may smile, I certainly like to laugh, sometimes too loud. My face can shift between any emotion, but I treasure my blank face the most, so I can wear yours and make you come alive, through words. I may have already done it. Have you found your story here yet?

Humans are my favorite, and I am a moment collector. I’ll take you to a place beyond reality where anything is possible. Sometimes good things happen, sometimes not, depending on the day. Sometimes characters get lucky, or become lost forever as we are here on this marble, floating in this endless, starry abyss.

Where are you going? Or better yet, where do you want to go? You may find it here.

If not, don’t worry, my love affair with words is never ending. In time, I’m certain I’ll write the story of you, soon.

When I am not writing, I’m probably doing the same things you do, likely browsing some department store in a mask. I spend time with family and friends. I play with my dog. I dip into a hobby here and there. Mine are photography and digital art. Some of my interests include history, vintage maps, space, magic, and music. But most importantly, you.

Thanks for reading!


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