Ode to the Consumer

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

I want your time.

I want you.

Look at these new shoes,

pay thousands, you can have them too. 

There may be blood inside

who cares, drink up, give them a try.

Attention! Targeted audience, these soles will make you fly.

I want your time.

I want you.

Look at this tasty food…

Gluttonous flesh balloon, here, take two.

Pin the recipe you’ll never make, culinary fool.

May I offer an over-sized grill for meat?

Never mind your car has a leak.

I want your time.

I want you.

What are you sitting on, pleather?

Try this expensive new cush.

Get comfy, chill, let those bones turn to mush.

Fall asleep watching remakes, the same old thing,

hollow productions void of meaning.

I want your time.

I want you.

Buy that dress they wore.

Look! A ballgown in a grocery store.

Pricey makeup from a sweatshop

failed promises to make your eyes pop.

Shiny new things call forth

click more, we’ll tell you what you’re worth.

I have your time.

I have you.

Now go forth, internet creation, be like everyone else.

Aww, you’re sad?

Gobble this addictive pill to ease that.

Take them all, you don’t want to come back.

Hand over your identity,

I’ll keep it on the shelf.

Need a stool to reach? It’s two days to ship.

You’re right, that’s too long.

Just forget it.

Truth Beyond Flesh

Art by Kirsten on PENUP/Snapseed

Dreary graphite drip,

strands of silver silk draped

serene perfection.


edited expressions —

artificial masks of glee

atop bitter misery.

Ode to the Garden Assassin

Cupola House, Edenton, NC – Photo by Kirsten

Please don’t fear, I’m a friend. 

I know you,

I watch you watch things,

like me. 

Do you like what you see? 

Please, grace my lands, 

Gaze upon a majestic sky 

ruminate over life,

like mine. 

Will you slay me in time? 


I’ve beaten you to it.  

You know me

Sipping beneath your flesh 

…is what I like best. 

The Kiss

Image by Madalin Calita from Pixabay

“Do it again”, he whispers 

she leans in closer, 

hand in hand… 

Don’t go further,

her conscience persists 

No… Wait, I insist

the kiss…

All There Is, Is This.

Image by Quang Nguyen vinh from Pixabay

Into faded sheets starball drifts  

above water, still as glass

showcase dancing leafy reflections

enticing, seeking my audience,  

for a show of quiet bliss.

Yet curiosity blooms,  

pulled from a trance… 

What exists beyond there? 

Son sits beside, examining the starball    

What wonders exist?

Everything and nothing, I replied.    

All there is, is this.


Image by jplenio from Pixabay

Lost in the sky

your spirit bound to me

our existence forever entwined—

oh, why can’t it be? 

Dawn’s Healing

Art by Kirsten on PENUP/Snapseed


waterfalls break

from glassy pools

of temporary gloom.


in slumbers arrival;

troubled thoughts

left to darkness,


in Dawn.